Canoe Kits

This wooden canadian canoe can carry up to three people

Canadian Canoe

A lightweight wooden open boat that is perfect for a couple to go day touring or for extended solo trips.

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Mill Creek a stable canoe for ornithology or photography

Mill Creek

Single and double kayaks with cockpits so large that they are almost open boats, with huge buoyancy. These are the most versatile boats in our range: they can be paddled, rowed using a sliding seat or sailed.

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Mill Creek sea kayak with an attractive cedar strip deck

Cedar Strip Decked Mill Creek

Large, versatile sea kayaks with an attractive cedar strip deck.

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microBootlegger spacious and efficient tandem kayak


A roomy, efficient tandem or solo strip-built kayak for cruising lakes and exploring bays.

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The Mystic River canoe is a traditional wood-strip tandem canoe for day trips and light touring on rivers, ponds and lakes

Mystic River Canoe

A 17-foot traditional wood-strip tandem canoe for day trips and light touring on rivers, ponds and lakes.

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Minimalist Cedar strip open canoe - Nymph


Ultra-light cedar strip canoe.

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Peace Canoe

Peace Canoe

A large family canoe that can be built in a weekend from a kit.

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Beautiful open canoe that can be made cheaply at home


Single or double clinker style canoes that look very heavy but are light and easy to carry and paddle. These are traditional canoes that are built using modern methods.

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The Wastwater canoe is an easily controlled fun boat for children


A hugely popular sharpie design open canoe for people who are in a hurry to get out on the water. A wide and stable boat with a slight rocker for good tracking and manoeuvrability.

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The Wood Duck range are compact, easy-to-launch wooden kayaks

Wood Duck

Beautiful modern looking boats that are designed to allow everyone to enjoy being on the water.

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Cedar Strip hybrid Wood Duck recreational kayak

Cedar Strip Decked Wood Duck

Attractive modern looking boats - a plywood hull combined with a cedar strip deck.

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The Wood Duckling is a stylish wooden kayak for children

Wood Duckling

A stylish child's kayak with excellent performance and plenty of growing room for years of use.

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The Wood Duck Double is a compact tandem kayak built from a wooden kit

Wood Duck Double

A compact modern tandem kayak with a single large cockpit and the comfortable feeling of an open canoe. It is handsome and versatile.

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Mill Creek 13 canoe under sail

Canoe Sailing Options

Sailing option to extend the range of a canoe.

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A kayak fitted with outriggers

Sailing Outriggers

Outrigger floats to turn a canoe or kayak into a fast sailing trimaran.

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Plans or kit for a wooden motor boat or canoe from Fyne Boat Kits

Little Laker

A 14′ 6″ motor canoe built on a frame.

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