Rowing Boat Plans

The Eastport Pram is light and easy to row

Eastport Pram

A pretty, light, tough, roomy and easy to build 7 foot 9 inch pram dinghy that can be rowed or sailed.

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Nesting Eastport Pram rowing and sailing dinghy

Nesting Eastport Pram

An easy to build rowing and sailing pram dinghy that splits into two nesting sections for compact storage.

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The 16 ft Bee rowing boat in the Great River Race


Bee is a 16 ft seaworthy rowing boat for two rowers and up to two passengers.

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Coot is a cedar-strip rowing pram that makes a handy yacht tender


A handy little cedar-strip yacht tender with a T-shaped rowing seat and a lot of capacity.

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The Expedition Wherry is a fast, seaworthy rowing boat for serious sliding-seat rowers

Expedition Wherry

A fast, seaworthy sliding-seat rowing boat with enough watertight storage for camping gear.

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Lightweight wooden wherry rowing boat has a very fast turn of speed


A traditional looking 17 foot clinker style rowing boat that offers thoroughbred performance or a leisurely picnic boat.

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Tandem Wherry wooden rowing boat for two sliding seats

Tandem Wherry

A 20 foot traditional looking clinker style rowing boat that offers thoroughbred performance for two rowers using sliding seats.

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Tenderly is a traditional-looking clinker sailing dinghy that is stable and easy to build

Tenderly Dinghy

A traditional-looking 10-foot clinker dinghy for rowing, sailing and motoring that is stable, handsome and easy to build.

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Boy's adventure in a kit built sailing skiff


An easily driven 13 foot family rowing boat that can be sailed or motored.

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A swift MSD rowing skiff designed by Michael Storer

MSD Rowing Skiff

A simple lightweight rowing skiff for crossings and fishing.

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Family home made sailing boat in a marsh


An 11 foot 7 inch clinker style pram dinghy that performs beautifully when rowed, sailed or motored.

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Take-apart Passagemaker sailing boat

PassageMaker Take-Apart

An 11 foot 7 inch clinker style pram dinghy that can be nested to save space.

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Southwester Dory sailing boat

Southwester Dory

A lightweight beach cruising and expedition boat for sailing, rowing and motoring, which can also be built as a motor launch without the sailing rig.

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The Duo dinghy makes a fun little sailing boat with an unstayed mast and slot-in wings

Duo Dinghy

The Duo is a simple-to-build rowing and sailing dinghy that can nest for easy storage. It makes a good tender as well as a fun sailing dinghy.

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The Faering Cruiser is a serious rowing and sailing boat for coastal cruising

Faering Cruiser

A serious rowing and sailing boat for coastal cruising, with a small cabin aft.

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Home built rowing shell

Oxford Shell

A light 21 foot shell designed for novice and intermediate rowers.

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Adirondack guide boat is a fast lightweight rowing boat

Adirondack Guide Boat

A fast and easy lightweight rowing boat.

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Clinker Skerry sailing and rowing boat launched


A 15 foot clinker style double ended family boat that can be rowed, sailed or motored.

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Northeaster Dory rowing boat

Northeaster Dory

A 17 foot clinker dory for solo or tandem rowing or sailing.

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