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Product Description

Designed to be light and easily removable, designer Michael Storer's drop-in outriggers turn a canoe or kayak into a formidable sailing boat or a super-stable fishing platform for paddling or motoring.

The hulls and crossbeams can fit some small dinghies particularly if they are quite narrow and not too long. Any relatively narrow hull – up to 4 ft (1.2 m) – is suitable, whether a canoe, kayak or rowing boat. The steering characteristics are defined by the main hull.

When built with Gaboon (Okoume) plywood, no single component weighs more than 10 lbs, making it easy to lift onto a car roof rack.

The hulls are simple stitch and glue and the displacement has been chosen for the speed to wash off if the boat heels too much. The crossbeams are simple laminations and look light and simple on the boat. The outrigger hulls attach to the crossbeams with butterfly nuts, then the crossbeams are lashed into the main hull. For sailing versions the upper mast partner is built into the forward crossbeam and the mast steps on a simple block glued to the bottom of the boat.

When the outriggers are removed from the hull there is only the small block of wood acting as a mast step still attached to the canoe.

Because of the potential speed and power of sailing versions we recommend a rudder be fitted to the main hull. A simple rudder makes steering easy – steering it with a paddle would just be too much work!

For motoring, a small outboard can be attached to a bracket on one of the crossbeams. 2 or 3 HP pushes a canoe along quite quickly.

It is possible for a motor or paddling configuration to use a single float, but the ends of the crossbeam without a hull have to have a tie bar between the ends. This might potentially make a nice diving platform. The outboard could be attached to the rear crossbeam close to the hull.

I use it for fishing and snorkelling in the Philippines in coastal waters, with five people it is well over loaded but the stability with the outriggers is superb. Getting back in the boat from swimming is very easy, it would be virtually impossible to capsize.

The shallow draft makes it easy to get over the rocky shoreline. With three adults it pushes along well with a 5hp outboard. The outrigger design is simple and the lines are great.

David Jacka, Philippines


There is enough detail in the plans to build this boat just by following the step by step instructions. The plans are 33 A4 pages with photographs, diagrams and text.

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An electronic version of the plans in PDF format that can be viewed using Adobe Reader. After credit card authorisation the file will be sent to the email address put on the order form.