Epifanes Polyurethane Varnish




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Product Description

Epifanes clear polyurethane varnish is a durable two-component clear finish with excellent resistance to abrasion, weathering, chemicals and loss of gloss. It is available with a gloss or satin finish.

Polyurethane Clear Gloss is an ultra high gloss yacht varnish with high UV protection. It is suitable as a varnish system on its own, as a UV-resistant protective finishing coat over epoxy resin or as an intermediate adhesion coat.

Polyurethane Clear Satin varnish has a rich satin sheen and excellent scratch resistance. It is highly impervious to alcohol and onboard chemicals and suitable for all interior woodwork and as a finishing coat over Epifanes Polyurethane Clear Gloss varnish.

This two-component varnish is suitable for brush, roll (phenolic core) and spray applications. The mix ratio is 2:1 by weight. It is dry and recoatable in 24 hours at 18°C (65°F).

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