Teamac Suregrip Anti-Slip Marine Paint

Light grey - 1 litre £32.78

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Product Description

Teamac Suregrip is a high quality marine anti-slip paint intended to help protect crew against slipping on boat decks.

This anti-slip deck paint is a ready-mixed liquid coating containing coarse aggregates, which dries to a hard anti-slip finish. Suregrip can be used on wood, metal, concrete, GRP and other suitably prepared surfaces which require an anti-slip coating.

Each 1 litre can will cover approximately 6-10 square metres. It can be applied with a brush, which can be cleaned with white spirit.

Teamac marine paints can cover epoxy that has been lightly sanded. The epoxy should be allowed to fully-cure (usually seven days) before beginning painting.

Please note that paint has to be sent by courier. In the UK, this means it costs the same to send one can as it costs to send twenty. We recommend buying any other items you want at the same time; it probably won't add to the delivery cost.