Protective Coveralls





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Product Description

3M disposable protective coveralls for sanding, painting and varnishing. They are designed to be lightweight and breathable whilst offering protection against hazardous dusts and limited liquid splashes.

We use these coveralls in our workshop every day. One disposable coverall usually lasts long enough to build a boat.

The 4530 type 5/6 protective coverall is made of a thick (55 gsm) material that is extremely soft and breathable. The coverall has knitted cuffs and an elastic waist and ankles for a better fit and freedom of movement. It has a two-way zip with a storm flap for added convenience and a three-panel elasticated hood.

Medium167-176 cm (5′6″-5′9″)92-100 cm (36-39 in)
Large174-181 cm (5′9″-5′11″)100-108 cm (39-43 in)
XL179-187 cm (5′10″-6′2″)108-115 cm (43-45 in)
XXL186-194 cm (6′1″-6′4″)115-124 cm (45-49 in)


With two layers of meltblown polypropylene in between two layers of spun bond polypropylene (SMMS), the 4530 fabric allows air flow, increasing breathability, reducing heat stress and improving comfort. The meltblown layers act as a barrier while the outer spun bond layers make the coverall soft and breathable.

The material has an additional flame spread resistance treatment and meets the requirements of limited flame spread protection (ISO 14116 / EN 533 Index 1) when worn over an index 2 or 3 garment. This may extend the life of the more expensive thermal protective garments.

The material is low-linting and has an anti-static treatment.