Adjustable Height Trestles



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Product Description

Heavy-duty adjustable boat-building trestles made of box-section steel. The height is adjustable from 810 mm to 1300 mm. Raising your boat to a comfortable working height is key to preventing back pain, especially when sanding and painting or varnishing.

The height range of these trestles is perfect for building canoes, kayaks, sculling boats, surfboards, paddleboards and other small boats. For wider boats, such as dinghies, you'll need something wider and lower, so that you can easily reach the middle of the boat.

We use these trestles in our workshop for our boatbuilding courses.

The trestles remain rigid and pretty stable even at their maximum height, but we recommend placing sandbags or other weights on the lower crossbars to make sure they can't topple over while you are working with the trestles extended.

The height is adjustable in 100 mm increments and fastens securely with locking pins. There are folding support braces between the legs to prevent accidental folding.

These trestles come in pieces and require assembly before use.