Paint Roller



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Product Description

A roller enables efficient coating of wood with epoxy and painting of a finished boat. The disposable foam rollers fit on the reusable frame and a roller tray is used to hold paint or epoxy for easily coating the roller.

The rollers and frame are four inches wide to allow fast coating even in the limited space inside a boat. They are made from a high-density foam that produces a smoother finish on flat surfaces. The ends of the rollers are concave, which minimises roller marks and makes it much easier to coat inside corners and precise lines.

These foam rollers are solvent-resistant, so they are suitable for twin-pack paint and varnish as well as standard single-pack ones. The solvents in twin-pack paint and varnish will rapidly dissolve ordinary foam rollers and make a mess of your paint. These will eventually disintegrate too, but should last long enough to complete a coat on any small boat.

The epoxy and single-component paint and varnish we supply will not dissolve the rollers.