Sapele Plywood Sheets







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Product Description

Marine plywood sheets, made of rotary-cut Sapele. This Mahogany-colour wood is perfect for making stylish boat decks that contrast with the lighter Okoume hull. All the veneers of this plywood are Sapele, right through the sheet.

ThicknessNumber of plysApproximate sheet weight
3 mm3 ply6.8 kg
9 mm7 ply21 kg

The wood we supply is from Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) approved sources and produced in Lloyd's Approved mills. It is certified to the BS 1088 marine plywood standard.

As well as full sheets, we offer half-sheets sawn in either direction.

Dimensions are approximate. Especially for sawn sheets, please allow for some deviation from the stated dimensions.