Flat blade oars with plastic collars

Standard Wooden Oars

Standard grade flat wooden rowing oars.

  • £66.87Pair of 6′ 6″ wooden oars
  • £69.90Pair of 7′ wooden oars
  • £73Pair of 7′ 6″ wooden oars
  • £76Pair of 8′ wooden oars
  • £79Pair of 8′ 6″ wooden oars
  • £185Pair of 10′ wooden oars

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Wooden gig oars with v-laminated spoon blades

Wooden Spoon Blade Oars

Attractive wooden gig rowing oars with laminated spoon blades.

  • £305Pair of 7′ spoon blade oars
  • £320Pair of 7′ 6″ spoon blade oars
  • £340Pair of 8′ spoon blade oars

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Sawyer v-laminated wooden ocean rowing oars reinforced with carbon fibre

Ocean Rowing Oars

Strong wooden ocean rowing oars with reinforced v-laminated blades.

  • £640Pair of ocean rowing oars

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Lightweight carbon fibre sculling oars with fibreglass hatchet blades

Carbon Fibre Sculling Oars

Light weight carbon fibre sculling oars.

  • £475Pair of sculling oars - hatchet blade
  • £475Pair of sculling oars - Macon blade
  • £595Pair of light sculling oars - hatchet blade

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Traditional wooden oars made from plans and a step-by-step manual

Wooden Oar Plans

Detailed plans for making traditional wooden rowing oars.

  • £25Wooden oar plans and manual

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Leather collars to protect wooden oars

Leather oar collars

Oak-tanned leather collars to protect wooden oars.

  • £28Pair of leather oar collars

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Tallow lubricant and preservative for leather oar collars

Tallow oar collar lubricant

Tallow lubricant and preservative for leather oar collars.

  • £15Oarsman marine tallow set

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Silicon bronze open-top rowlocks and sockets

Rowlocks and Sockets

Rowlocks and sockets.

  • £10.20Pair of plastic rowlocks and sockets
  • £30Pair of galvanised rowlocks with sockets
  • £63.40Pair of bronze open topped rowlocks
  • £35Pair of bronze side sockets

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Tough clamp-on Carlisle oar locks to secure oars or paddles to your boat

Carlisle Clamp-On Oar Locks

Tough clamp-on rowlocks to secure oars or paddles to your boat.

  • £25Pair of Carlisle clamp-on oar locks

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Piantedosi black seat drop in rowing unit

Piantedosi Drop-In Rowing Unit

Monorail drop-in rowing unit for boats and canoes.

  • £999Piantedosi drop-in rowing unit
  • £1023Piantedosi unit with a wooden seat
  • £5.28Mounting kit for Wherry
  • £21.11Mounting kit for Oxford Shell
  • £23.22Mounting kit for Mill Creek 16.5
  • £68.60Mounting kit for Chester Yawl

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Adjustable canoe rowing rig

Canoe Rowing Rig

An adjustable rig for rowing a canoe with oars or a pair of canoe paddles.

  • £115Canoe rowing rig

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