Book on how to rig a small sailing boat in a traditional manner

The Working Guide to Traditional Small-Boat Sails

Make your modern sailing boat look (and work) like a salty classic.

  • £17Book

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Balanced lug sail rig on the PassageMaker dinghy

Balanced lug sail

Lug sail for the Northeaster Dory, PassageMaker dinghy and Skerry balanced lug rigs.

  • £540White lug sail
  • £655Cream lug sail
  • £655Tan lug sail

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Sails for the Pocketship small yacht

Sails and hardware for the PocketShip

Sails and sailing hardware for a PocketShip.

  • £2105Sailing hardware
  • £1100White mainsail and jib
  • £1250Tan mainsail and jib
  • £700Cruising spinnaker

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Sails for a clinker sailing dinghy with bowsprit built from a Fyne boat kit

Sails for the Fyne Four

Suit of sails for a Fyne Four.

  • £950Tan
  • £850White

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Colin's Pathfinder sailing yawl built at home

Sails for the Colin's Pathfinder

Suit of sails for a Colin's Pathfinder, including main, jib and mizzen.

  • £1150White
  • £1250Tan

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Sailing a Skerry built from a Fyne boat kit

Skerry sail

Sprit sail for a Skerry.

  • £395White sail
  • £495Cream sail
  • £495Tan sail

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The Skerry Raid is a rowing and sailing boat for coastal expeditions

Skerry Raid sail

A high-quality lug sail in white or tan for the Skerry Raid.

  • £950White sail
  • £1050Tan sail

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Southwester Dory sailing boat

Southwester Dory sails

A pair of balanced lug sails for the Southwester Dory.

  • £950White
  • £1100Tan

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Goat Island Skiff with its large balanced lug rig

Goat Island Skiff sail

Balanced lug sail for the Goat Island Skiff.

  • £710White sail for the Goat Island Skiff

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PassageMaker gunter-sloop rig sailing dinghy

Gunter sloop sails

Sails for the PassageMaker dinghy Gunter Sloop rig.

  • £650White sloop sails
  • £750Tan sloop sails

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Boys messing about in the rock pools after sailing to a Scottish island in a Fyne boat kit home made skiff

Skiff Sail

White or tan leg-o-mutton sail for a Skiff.

  • £350White sail for a Skiff
  • £400Tan sail for a Skiff

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Mill Creek 13 canoe under sail

Canoe Sailing Options

Sailing option to extend the range of a canoe.

  • £600Mill Creek sail option
  • £284Canadian canoe sail option
  • £280Balanced lug sail
  • £295Standing lug sail

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