Standard wooden canoe paddle

Standard Wooden Canoe Paddle

Standard laminated wooden canoe paddle.

  • £32Shaft length 820 mm
  • £32Shaft length 900 mm
  • £32Shaft length 950 mm

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Lightweight carbon fibre paddle for a stand-up paddleboard

Stand-up Paddle

A lightweight carbon fibre paddle for a stand-up paddleboard.

  • £200Carbon fibre stand-up paddle

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Sea Feather Classic wooden kayak paddle

Wooden Kayak Paddle

A premium double-bladed paddle that will compliment any of our wooden kayaks.

  • £2002.4 m 65° angle
  • £2002.4 m 90° angle
  • £2202.4 m take-apart

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Sea Feather carbon shaft v-laminate kayak paddle

Carbon-Shaft Kayak Paddle

An ultra-lightweight carbon-shaft kayak paddle with eye-catching laminated wooden blades.

  • £300Carbon shaft 2.4 – 2.5 m kayak paddle

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Greenland wooden kayak paddle

Greenland Wooden Kayak Paddle

A classic Greenland wooden kayak paddle for relaxed and efficient paddling.

  • £1852.2 m Greenland wooden kayak paddle

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Detailed manual to making elegant, traditional Greenland kayak paddles, by Brian Nystrom.

Greenland Paddles Book

A step-by-step guide to making elegant Greenland kayak paddles.

  • £17Book

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Tough clamp-on Carlisle oar locks to secure oars or paddles to your boat

Carlisle Clamp-On Oar Locks

Tough clamp-on rowlocks to secure oars or paddles to your boat.

  • £25Pair of Carlisle clamp-on oar locks

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Adjustable canoe rowing rig

Canoe Rowing Rig

An adjustable rig for rowing a canoe with oars or a pair of canoe paddles.

  • £115Canoe rowing rig

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