Wooden Kayak Paddle

2.4 m 90° angle £110

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Product Description

These paddles are old stock that we are selling at a substantial discount. We have only a few left, so don't risk missing out!

A premium double-bladed wooden paddle that will compliment any of our wooden kayaks. The 2.4 m Sea Feather Classic paddle is available with a 65° or 90° right-handed feather. There is also a take-apart version which breaks in two for easy transportation and adjustable feather (straight or 65° left or right feather angle) with a lightweight carbon-fibre ferrule. Long paddle blades allow for efficient low-angle paddling.

This classic kayak touring paddle is hand-made by Sawyer. It is made of a strong laminate of Douglas Fir, Pine and a bit of Walnut in the blade for the warmth and aesthetic of wood.

Light and durable, it has 5½″ × 23″ (140 × 585 mm) asymmetric spoon blades sheathed in fibreglass with solid fibreglass tips and a 1¼″ × 1⅛″ (32 × 28 mm) oval shaft. Drip rings are included.