Trika 540



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Product Description

The Trika 540 is a pretty little demountable trimaran for use on protected waters; ideal for lakes, rivers and bays. The slim hull proportions result in very low drag, so it is a speedy little cruiser that is capable of speeds approaching 10 knots in a moderate breeze.

This versatile super-fun boat was designed from the ground up for efficiency, speed and easy handling by one or two people. It is not a retrofitted kayak but specifically created for excellent performance both under sail and while paddling.

It can be paddled as a large two-person kayak or can be converted in minutes and without tools to be a fast sailing trimaran with amazing performance. It has excellent foot-steering with a retractable foil rudder and a deck layout suitable for single-handed sailing. The rig uses aluminium, GRP or carbon-fibre tubes for the free-standing mast but has a fore-stay for the roller-furling jib. It has a fathead fully-battened mainsail that can be reefed for stronger winds.

The amas (floats) can be easily folded parallel against the hull to reduce beam for easy boarding from a dock or to access narrow berths or waterways. The large open cockpit makes boarding easier and is surrounded by coaming to deflect water.

To make car-topping and storage much easier, both amas can be stored in the main hull.

The stitch-and-glue plywood construction is well within the ability of most amateur boat builders.

The main hull has a beam of 0.7 m. The area of the main sail is 5.5 m² and the area of the jib is 2.3 m². The mast height is 5.1 m.

Plywood-only kit

We do not supply a complete kit of this boat, only the pre-cut plywood panels. The plans are required to build the boat – these are available from the designer, Klaus Metz.

The plywood kit contains the pre-cut plywood panels to build the main hull and outriggers and the plywood beams.

Short plywood kit

We also offer a short plywood kit, which contains all the plywood components less than a metre long, leaving you to source and cut the larger plywood pieces, which are a less complex shape to cut. In addition to the short plywood kit, you will also need 6 sheets of 4 mm plywood and a sheet of 12 mm plywood.