Surfboard and Paddleboard Kits

Channel Islands Biscuit wooden surfboard

Biscuit Surfboard

A short and full-volume surfboard for surfers of any skill level, the Biscuit catches waves like boards a foot longer.

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Kaholo 14 wooden SUP - stand-up paddleboard

Kaholo Stand-Up Paddleboard

A wooden stand-up paddleboard (SUP) that is fast enough to race but stable enough for first-timers.

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Leaf hollow wooden Paipo surfboard

Leaf Surfboard

A surfboard based on a 1969 Paipo, with a classic shape and very little rocker.

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Pandan hollow wooden surfboard

Pandan Surfboard

This 7-foot surfboard has the full outline fun-shape surfers want, but with performance elements that pros look for.

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Root hollow wooden surfboard

Root Surfboard

A classic semi-performance 9-foot noserider surfboard.

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San O' 14 paddleboard

San O' Paddleboard

A lightweight stitch-and-glue paddleboard.

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Sapling hollow wooden surfboard

Sapling Surfboard

An 8-foot multi-purpose fun board with lots of floatation. This surfboard is great for beginners.

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Seed hollow wooden surfboard

Seed Surfboard

A 6′5″ retro-style, high volume, single-fin surfboard that catches waves easily.

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Mr Simmons hollow wooden surfboard

Mr Simmons Surfboard

A new interpretation of the now famous mini-Simmons style surfboard.

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Steamer hollow wooden surfboard

Steamer Surfboard

An 8-foot surfboard for small-statured long-boarders that want a catch-anything, full-volume longboard experience.

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Thick Lizzy hollow wooden surfboard

Thick Lizzy Surfboard

A wooden rendition of surfboard shaper Ryan Lovelace's foiled-out mini-glider.

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Waka hollow wooden surfboard

Waka Surfboard

A retro-style fish surfboard.

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Waterlog hollow wooden surfboard

Waterlog Surfboard

The 10-foot catch-anything, go-anywhere surfboard.

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Wherry hollow wooden surfboard

Wherry Surfboard

A performance twin- or quad-fin fish surfboard.

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