Mebo 12

Mebo 12 plywood kit £1040

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Product Description

The Mebo 12 is a versatile nesting dinghy for day sailing and camp cruising. The Mebo is stable and comfortable and offers enough storage space for multi-day trips. It sails exceptionally well but can be rowed, paddled and motored as well.

The forward section of the boat unbolts and fits inside the aft section for compact storage. The boat is light enough to transport on a car roof rack as well.

It is a simple to build stitch-and-glue design that can be built as a two-piece nesting version or as a single-piece hull.

The plans contain both a cat rig and an alternative sloop rig. The cat rig uses a furling mainsail on a free-standing rotating mast for fast, easy reefing and relaxed sailing. The rotating mast setup uses a boom and kicking strap for better sailing performance compared to the boomless variants more often seen.

The Mebo has a comfortable cockpit with full-length side benches that are removable for nesting. The side benches are hollow, providing additional buoyancy to aid recovery in the event of capsizing.

A slatted frame fits between the side seats to create a sleeping platform for two. This stows in the aft buoyancy tanks when not in use.

Nested dimensions: 1.9 × 1.4 × 0.6 m.

Plywood-only kit

We do not supply a complete kit of this boat, only the pre-cut plywood panels and the plans. When you place your order for the kit, the plans will be sent to you directly from the designer, Klaus Metz, in Germany. The kit will be dispatched from our premises in the UK.