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Product Description

PEC Multipurpose Eco is an environmentally-friendly epoxy bio-resin with a low viscosity and a range of activator speeds, suitable for a variety of uses including laminating, waterproof coating and composites. It is water clear and low yellowing thanks to its built-in UV inhibitors.

This epoxy system is comprised of PEC Multipurpose Eco Resin and your choice of slow or fast activator.

The PEC Multipurpose Eco Epoxy system gives the same high-quality results as the original Professional Epoxy Coatings that we supply with our boat kits, but the production process has been overhauled to make use of bio-based renewable materials and to use less energy, reducing its carbon footprint.

This is a user-friendly epoxy system ideal for DIY use at home. It contains no solvents, so there is no need to wear a respirator or have an air extractor system. It is low-sensitising, but please do take basic precautions as you would using any epoxy.

This bio epoxy system is a good choice for gluing and laminating, for marine waterproof coatings prior to paint or varnish, for composite manufacturing and for many kinds of repair work. It is especially suitable where a low environmental impact is a necessity.

For more information on using this epoxy for home boat-building, see the PEC Working with Epoxy information page.

Each kilogram is roughly one litre of mixed epoxy: 1.5 kg is sufficient epoxy for small repairs to wooden boats; 3 kg is the amount needed to coat an average dinghy deck twice; 6 kg is sufficient for completing an average kayak and 8 kg is sufficient for completing an average dinghy.

We recommend using measuring pumps or digital scales to dispense the resin and activator in the correct 2:1 ratio, or a dipstick for small volumes. It is safe to use cleaned-out yoghurt pots or similar as mixing pots for this epoxy, though the exothermic reaction will melt them if a large amount is left in the pot for longer than the stated pot life.

Slow Cure: 8 hr tack free time, 45 min pot life.

Fast Cure: 2 hr tack free time, 15 min pot life.

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