Maroske Deck Fittings Kit

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Product Description

These recessed ‘Maroske’ deck fittings look smart and are very strong because they spread the force over a wide area of the deck of your kayak. They are made of fibreglass, moulded to form a short tunnel under the surface of the deck. Because they don't protrude on the top of the deck, they can't snag your clothes during re-entry. They are waterproof and have no screws or bolts that could rust.

The fibreglass is moulded in place over a short piece of plastic tube, which is then pulled out to leave two circular holes connected by a smooth tunnel.

We have written detailed installation instructions with photographs of every step to make these advanced fittings accessible to every home boat builder. They don't take much longer to make than it takes to install ordinary deck fittings.

The best time to install these fittings is after coating the inside of the deck with epoxy or fibreglass but before joining the deck to the hull. It may be possible to retro-fit them to a completed kayak, but you need to be able to reach the fittings from the inside of the boat to work on them.

The kit includes:

The kit contains enough to make about 20 fittings, which should be enough for most kayaks. You will also need some small pieces of fibreglass cloth and a small amount of epoxy resin and fillers. You will probably have enough of these left from building your boat.

The fittings are large enough to fit a 6 mm perimeter line and 6 mm shock cord rigging through the same fittings.