Disposable FFP3 Valved Particulate Mask

3M 8835+ disposable FFP3 particulate mask £10.20

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Product Description

These 3M disposable protective respirators are comfortable to wear for long periods and provide FFP3 particulate filter protection. They are durable and intended to be used multiple times.

They have a non-collapsing cup shaped design that creates more space between the mask and your face, making them more comfortable to wear. The valve reduces heat and moisture build-up.

They have a soft and pliable inner face-seal ring that can be wiped clean after use and adjustable braided straps to help create a good seal.

These masks protect against dust, mist and metal fumes with minimal breathing restriction. They are suitable for working with hardwood, plywood and glass fibre, as well as metalworking and other uses.

They are designed to fit well with safety glasses and ear defenders and to minimise fogging of eyewear by directing exhaled air away from the eyes.

Latex-free. Made in the UK.

These masks conform to EN149 2001.