Bahco 625 Precision Scraper




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Product Description

The Bahco 625 scraper is a small detail scraper for precision work. These paint scrapers were specially designed for scraping windows, mouldings and narrow corners.

With the round or pear-shaped blades, these scrapers can be used to smooth lumpy fillets after the epoxy has cured – these carbide blades do the job much quicker than sanding!

The handle is long enough to hold comfortably with both hands, for better control with less effort. The thumb-grip at the top of the handle helps to precisely control the blade.

The large grip is covered with soft rubber for comfortable scraping of large areas.

The scraper comes with a hard plastic sheath with a belt clip.

Scraper blades

The scraper comes with a 25 mm triangular blade which is slightly convex on each side, to avoid the corners digging in accidentally. Round and pear-shaped blades are also available. The round blade can be rotated 360° to use the full circumference of the blade. The outer diameter of the round blades (and the larger end of the pear-shaped blades) is 17 mm.

The blades are made of cemented carbide, which is two-and-a-half times harder than hardened steel and much more wear-resistant. These blades are suitable for scraping paint, glue, varnish and rust from surfaces including wood, metal and concrete.