Bahco 665 Scraper



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Product Description

The Bahco 665 scraper has a two-handed ergonomic grip for heavy-duty scraping. The large grip is covered with soft rubber for comfortable scraping of large areas.

We use these to quickly remove hardened drips of epoxy, among other uses.

Pull on the handle to move the scraper while putting pressure on the knob with your other hand. The angle of the blade can be adjusted by raising or lowering the handle for more or less aggressive scraping.

Blades are interchangeable and can be turned to use both sharpened edges. The blades have a slight convex shape to reduce the risk of scratching the surface. The scraper has a slim head, providing better access in confined spaces. The blades are 65 mm wide.

The blades are made of cemented carbide, which is two-and-a-half times harder than hardened steel and much more wear-resistant. These blades are suitable for scraping paint, glue, varnish and rust from surfaces including wood, metal and concrete.