Veritas Rebate Plane

Veritas rebate plane - 10 mm £72

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Product Description

The Veritas detail rebate plane is useful for small trimming tasks, such as making the gains on the overlapping panels of clinker-style LapStitch™ boats. It is handy for getting into tight spaces, especially cleaning up the bottom of dadoes or grooves.

The plane has a 75 mm long body of ductile cast iron that has been accurately machined and ground. It's sides are flat and square, allowing you to use the plane on its side for trimming tenons.

The low 15° bed angle combined with the 30° blade bevel provides a 45° cutting angle exceptional for end grain cutting performance. The plane has a fixed mouth and features a shavings deflector to help prevent the mouth clogging up. A solid brass, one piece lever cap/palm rest holds the full-width blade in place. The lapped blade is made of O-1 tool steel. Made in Canada.