Veritas Miniature Shoulder Plane

Veritas mini shoulder plane - 6.3 mm £70

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Product Description

A tiny and precisely-engineered shoulder plane by Veritas which is remarkably effective for fine trimming or cleaning the bottoms of narrow dadoes. It is also used as the cutting tool in Nick Schade's Robo-Bevel for making strip-planked boats.

The initial idea behind this miniature version of the Veritas medium shoulder plane was to challenge the limitations of the materials, design and manufacturing processes (not to mention the patience of the engineers!). It is the smallest plane Veritas have made to date, measuring 63.5 mm long by 6.3 mm wide and weighing only 48g. Despite its size, it is fully functional, comfortable to hold and easy to manoeuvre and control.

It has an investment-cast stainless steel body with a fixed mouth, machined sole and ground sides. The stainless steel Norris-style adjuster enables you to set the full-width 1.5mm thick A2 tool steel blade with precision. The 15° bed angle combined with the 25° blade bevel provides a 40° cutting angle.

It is made in Canada and supplied in a French-fitted embossed leatherette box.