Bear Mountain Boats

Bear Mountaing Boats

Joan Barrett and Ted Moores started crafting wood-strip canoes in Ontario in the early 1970s, combining classic lines with modern advanced construction techniques. Ted's seminal book, Canoecraft, is seen by many as the bible of wood-strip canoe building and has inspired countless people around the world to build their own canoes. Their company, Bear Mountain Boats, provides plans and kits for a range of canoes, kayaks and small boats, all built using the strip-planking method.

Fyne Boat Kits are pleased to partner with Bear Mountain Boats to provide their plans and kits in the UK and Europe. We manufacture our kits to the highest standard using European-grown Paulownia for the planking strips. Uniquely, the strips in our Bear Mountain Boats kits have not only a bead-and-cove profile but also a pre-cut finger joint at each end, making the neat joining of strips even easier for builders at home.

Much of what we do involves support to casual builders of canoes and kayaks. The lessons we learn in the workshop are passed on to first time builders in the form of how-to books, classes, hard-to-find building materials, and kits. We measure our success in the thousands of Bear Mountain canoes and kayaks that emerge from home workshops around the world each year.

Ted Moores

Boat designs by Bear Mountain Boats

The wood-strip Bob's Special canoe makes a very stable fishing canoe

Bob's Special Canoe

A stable and comfortable canoe with classic lines, popular for solo paddling and activities such as fishing.

  • £1640Kit
  • £105Strongback
  • £68Plans

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The Freedom 15 is a modern, efficient wood-strip canoe for one or two paddlers

Freedom Canoe

A range of modern, efficient wood-strip canoes with good speed and manoeuvrability.

  • £1668Freedom 15 kit
  • £1770Freedom 17 kit
  • £1810Freedom 17′ 9″ kit
  • £105Freedom 15 strongback
  • £105Freedom 17 strongback
  • £105Freedom 17′ 9″ strongback
  • £68Freedom 15 plans
  • £68Freedom 17 plans
  • £68Freedom 17′ 9″ plans

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The Freedom Solo is an efficient solo canoe for experienced paddlers, built using wooden strips

Freedom Solo Canoe

An efficient solo canoe for experienced paddlers, built using wood-strip planking.

  • £1628Freedom Solo 15′ 3″ kit
  • £1680Freedom Solo 16′ 2″ kit
  • £105Freedom Solo 15′ 3″ strongback
  • £105Freedom Solo 16′ 2″ strongback
  • £68Freedom Solo 15′ 3″ plans
  • £68Freedom Solo 16′ 2″ plans

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The Prospector 16 is a strip-planked wilderness canoe that can carry a large load

Prospector 16

A strip-planked classic wilderness canoe with a large load-carrying volume and manoevrability in white water.

  • £1795Kit
  • £105Strongback
  • £68Plans

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The Ranger 15 is a 15-foot Prospector canoe with good all-round paddling characteristics

Ranger 15

A 15-foot wood-strip Prospector canoe with good all-round paddling characteristics.

  • £1738Kit
  • £105Strongback
  • £68Plans

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Canoecraft book - An Illustrated Guide to Fine Woodstrip Construction, by Ted Moores


Master canoe builder Ted Moores shares more than four decades of experience in this international bestselling reference book.

  • £18.95Canoecraft book

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Kayaks You Can Build, by Ted Moores and Greg Rössel

Kayaks You Can Build

An illustrated guide to plywood kayak construction techniques.

  • £24.95Kayaks You Can Build book

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