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Canoecraft, by Ted Moores

Revised and expanded in 2015.

Ted Moores is a master builder of woodstrip/epoxy canoes. Over four decades teaching wooden-boat construction, he discovered that the same dream motivates all of his students, no matter their age: to build something beautiful and functional.

Canoecraft is the road map to that dream. Moores offers comprehensive instructions for the first-time builder – and for the second-time builder. He adds a variety of canoe plans, each presented as a traditional table of offsets. There is also a series of builder's tips and techniques and an entire chapter on carving a paddle, the perfect accompaniment to a handcrafted canoe.

Whether the goal is to build a general-purpose recreational canoe, an efficient modern tripping canoe or a full-decked fast-cruising canoe with walnut veneer, Canoecraft is the ideal guide to making it happen successfully.

Now revised and expanded with 32 pages of colour and an updated resources section, this international bestseller, known as the ‘Bible of canoe building’ is bigger and better than ever.


If you want to build a strip-plank canoe – or kayak – Canoecraft is the book to buy… All in all a very comprehensive boatbuilding book and highly recommended.

Pete Greenfield, Water Craft

An excellent definitive book… something you must read if you are going to build a woodstrip canoe.