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Kayakcraft, by Ted Moores

Following on from his seminal book, Canoecraft, Ted Moores extends and adapts the wood-strip techniques to building kayaks. The book covers the entire process, from machining the planking and setting up the jig to fibreglassing and varnishing. It also includes a chapter on kayak design by Steve Killing.

Building an elegant woodstrip kayak is now within the reach of the casual builder. Achieve professional results by following a series of simple steps in a proven order. KayakCraft will show you how to achieve quality work while perfecting simple skills. Included are four highly developed kayaks by Canadian yacht designer Steve Killing, as well as a comprehensive chapter explaining the fundamentals of small craft design and how these components are combined for safety and efficiency.

There is a companion video for Kayakcraft, in which Ted Moores works with a group of students to demonstrate how to build a woodstrip kayak. It provides an excellent visual introduction to the process in conjunction with the Kayakcraft book. The video is now available for free on YouTube. Although the video quality now looks a little dated, it is still a useful resource.