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The Workstar 17 workboat is a small garvey motorboat that is easy to build and very tough and robust.

The Workstar kit is built from pre-cut plywood and epoxy using an easy-to-build system of tabs, slots and wedges. The profiled parts pull the hull together as the kit is assembled, so no building frame is required. It can be built anywhere with virtually no woodworking and power tools and by those with little or no boatbuilding skills.

The Workstar is usually built with the included centre steering console, but the interior can alternatively be left open and steered from the stern for more interior space. The design and building material allow the workboat to be readily customised. A centrally-placed, substantial and braced tow post can be installed for efficient and well-controlled towing as a yard boat.

The Workstar 17 workboat has a refined garvey hull with a moderate v-shape. It has fore and aft buoyancy compartments and a watertight, self-draining cockpit. It can also be fitted with a pram hood shelter to keep spray out. There is seating for 8-10 people plus ample locker space and the Workstar can carry a payload of up to a ton.

The Workstar 17 Workboat runs well with a 40 HP outboard motor, but motors up to 60 HP have been fitted.

The Workstar 17 Workboat is sold as a kit of plywood parts from Lloyds approved, BS1088 Okoume 18 mm (¾″) and 12 mm (½″) marine plywood. All the parts are accurately computer-cut for you so construction can begin straight away. The kit comes with a comprehensive building manual as well as technical support by telephone and email. To complete the boat up to the painting stage takes 4-6 weeks.

The Workstar 17 design, also known as the Workstar 540, is available exclusively from Fyne Boat Kits worldwide since 2012.

Over forty of these robust, stable and sweet handling small garveys have been built worldwide, under widely different conditions.

The kit includes:

The steering wheel, throttle and other engine controls for the centre steering console are not included in the kit.

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