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The hybrid Night Herons combine the quick assembly of a stitch-and-glue hull with the beauty of a strip-built deck. These are part of designer Nick Schade's range of elegant high-performance sea kayaks; the hull is exactly the same as the stitch-and-glue Night Heron and the deck is that of the strip-planked version.

The hybrid Night Herons put the beauty of wood-strip construction where you will see it – on the deck – while being quicker to build than a fully strip-planked kayak.

Because the hull shape is the same as the stitch and glue version, the performance will be the same. This boat is fast and efficient, tracks straight and carves turns easily.

High Deck

The deck of this version is higher than that of the standard Night Heron, providing greater storage volume and more leg room for taller paddlers.

Kit contents

The kits include:

We supply roughly one-third red cedar strips and two-thirds Paulownia strips as standard but if you have a particular pattern in mind, we can provide a different ratio if you contact us before ordering. We can also supply yellow cedar strips.

What else do I need?

Plans and manual (not required by kit purchasers)

The plans contain sufficient information to build the boat from scratch rather than a kit. They include full size drawings.


This option contains only the building manual and pre-cut wooden parts. This includes the forms and the wooden strips for the deck of the hybrid Night Herons, as well as the plywood panels for the hull. This option is for those wanting to obtain the other materials needed to build the boat from other sources.

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