Kayak seat and back rest




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Product Description

Seating for a comfortable day's paddling in a kayak. These are the items included in our kits.

Moulded foam kayak backrest

A canoe or kayak back rest made from moulded foam with a cloth finish and a stiff plastic back. Shock cord, webbing straps, buckles and fittings are included.

Moulded foam kayak seat

A comfortable fabric-covered moulded foam ‘tractor seat’ for a kayak or canoe. It has integral hip braces, which can be removed if required. The 45 mm thick seat measures 340 mm from front to back, 380 mm from side to side and the brace rises 150 mm from the seat base.

Moulded foam canoe seat pad

A comfortable moulded foam seat pad for a canoe or kayak. It measures 360 by 320 by 30 mm.