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Product Description

The Pixie is an entry-level car-toppable beach cat for one or two crew that has proved extremely popular, with hundreds now sold worldwide. Designed by renowned multihull sailor and designer Richard Woods, it is a fun beach boat that sails well and is ideal for people who are new to sailing catamarans but who are not that interested in racing.

The rounded v-hulls eliminate the need for daggerboards, making it easy to build and to sail off the beach in shallow waters. Each hull weighs about 20 kg so is easy to lift onto a car roof single handed.

The Pixie catamaran hulls are assembled using slot-together beams: no spanners, bolts or keys are required. Complete assembly including rigging takes about 15 minutes.

Pixie is suitable for first-time boat builders; it has often been built by Scout groups or as school projects.

I found her responsive, easy to sail and thrilling. But at no time did she give me the feeling of sailing on a knife edge. For me, the most exciting part of sailing the Pixie was feeling her reaction to the slightest change in wind pressure. At every gust she would accelerate, translating all the wind's energy into forward motion, or at least that's how it felt… being so close to the water aboard Pixie, you quickly become at one with machine and elements.

Practical Boat Owner magazine


The Pixie catamaran plans include detailed specifications for building and rigging the boat. The quality and clarity of the plans ease the construction of this boat, though you still need to be confident of your plans-reading ability.

A complete materials list is supplied with the plans. All dimensions are in metric units.

PDF Plans

An electronic version of the plans in PDF format that can be viewed using Adobe Reader. After credit card authorisation the file will be sent to the email address put on the order form.