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The Zen of Wooden Kayak Building – showing the techniques used on all of our stitch-and-glue boats.

The video is far and away the best thing I have seen on the subject and entertaining enough for the whole family, regardless of boat-phobic tendencies, to enjoy.

Watercraft, May/June 02

Hi Guys – Peaceful hour found – as it says on the tin, it does keep you focused on the subject. I did not realise that 60 minutes had passed, was it the satisfaction of Chinese duck pancakes or some of SA's finest red export I'm not sure – a lot of questions and concerns have been answered. All it needs now is the balls to start on a project – Polly and I really love one of the designs you have and Christmas is looming. Fingers crossed. Best wishes


A CLC production.

Applicable to any ply/epoxy craft

See a demonstration of the techniques involved in building a modern light weight stitch and glue boat. The video follows the construction of a Chesapeake 16 but all the techniques are equally applicable to any ply/epoxy craft.


This professionally made video is designed to meet the needs of people who have never built a boat before and are unable to attend any courses. It proves that the techniques are very easy.

Everything Covered

The video starts with the kit as it arrives and goes through the process of identifying the pre-cut parts, gluing the scarf joints and avoiding misalignments. Stitching is shown, followed by filleting, glass taping, shrouding with fabric and epoxy coating the inside of the hull, plus common errors and how to avoid them. Considerable emphasis is placed on getting a perfect finish; after the hull is epoxy coated it is sanded with successively finer grades of paper and finished with varnish.


13 boats were built during the filming to ensure that every aspect of the work was covered in detail. The presenter uses wit and comic timing to keep the viewer entertained during the learning process.