Wire Rigging

£1.75 / m

£3.45 / m

£4.60 / m

Prices include VAT

Product Description

Wire rope for rigging a sailing boat, made to the length you need, with plain ends or with loops or thimbles on the ends.

Specify the length of wire including any thimbles but not including any loops. Loops are available in 200 mm (8″) or 300 mm (12″) circumference. Tolerance in the length and loop size is 10 mm (⅜″).

The price is per metre length, rounded up to the nearest whole metre, plus the cost of any loops or thimbles.

Please contact us if you require wire rope made to a different configuration, for example a different loop size.

DiameterWire Rope Type
1.5 mm1 × 19
3 mm7 × 19
4 mm7 × 7
How to measure the length of wire: include any thimbles but not any loops