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Product Description

The Strike 16 trimaran is a smaller version of the Strike 18, suitable as a daysailer for four people or as a weekender for two people. It uses a 14 ft beach catamaran for the outriggers and rig. The main hull is hard-chine and easily built from plywood.

The Quattro 14 is recommended for the outriggers (the full plans for the Strike 16 include the plans for the Quattro 14 hulls), though most 14 ft beach cats can be used (except the Hobie 14, which has too little buoyancy and the beam mounting is unsuitable). Even if you build the outriggers yourself, you can still use the rig, rudder and deck gear from a second-hand beach cat. If you normally sail in light winds and sheltered water conditions, you could even use the rig from a 15-16 ft beach cat.

The Strike 16 can carry plenty of gear for a weekend and remains comfortable and dry.

Richard Woods has also designed three other versions of the Strike trimaran: the Strike 18 is a larger version of the Strike 16; the Strike 15 and 20 are designed primarily for racing, not day sailing and cruising.


The Strike 16 trimaran plans include detailed specifications for building the main hull. If you have suitable existing catamaran hulls to use as outriggers you just need the main hull plans, otherwise you can get the full plans, which include the plans for the Quattro 14 hulls to use as outriggers. The quality and clarity of the plans ease the construction of this boat, though you still need to be confident of your plans-reading ability.

A complete materials list is supplied with the plans. All dimensions are in metric units.

PDF Plans

An electronic version of the plans in PDF format that can be viewed using Adobe Reader. After credit card authorisation the file will be sent to the email address put on the order form.