Tajima Pull Saw Blades





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Product Description

Replacement blades for Tajima Japanese pull saws. These blades are premium-quality thin spring steel for fast cross-cuts, with ultra-sharp, impulse hardened triple cutting-edge teeth. The blades flex for ultra-close flush cuts.

These replacement blades range from 13 TPI (teeth per inch) to 21 TPI for ultra-fine cuts.

Tajima is Japan's largest manufacturer of hand tools and continues a tradition of excellence in the design and manufacture of its tools.

BladeCut typePitchTPIThicknessLength
GNB-230Ultra-fine1.20 mm210.4 mm230 mm
GNB-250Extra-fine1.40 mm190.5 mm250 mm
GNB-265Fine (Standard)1.75 mm160.6 mm265 mm
GNB-300Aggressive2.15 mm130.7 mm300 mm