Tajima Pull Saw

Tajima pull saw 265R £42.50

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Product Description

This Tajima Japanese pull saw is a fine-cut pull-stroke saw with a traditional long straight handle for one or two-handed cutting. The handle has a non-slip elastomer grip for comfort.

Japanese saws cut on the pull stroke using thin flexible blades that cut faster and more accurately than European push-stroke saws.

The included blade is a razor-sharp 16 TPI (teeth per inch) blade with triple cutting-edge teeth, impulse hardened for durability. The blade is premium-grade thin spring steel for fast cross-cuts. The blade flexes for ultra-close flush cuts.

This saw uses Tajima's patented quick-connect blade retainer, which holds the blade securely yet allows fast blade changes. Replacement blades are available for various types of cut.

Tajima is Japan's largest manufacturer of hand tools and continues a tradition of excellence in the design and manufacture of its tools.