Building Strip-Planked Boats

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Building Strip-Planked Boats, by Nick Schade

Strip-planking (aka strip-building) is a versatile method for building small boats. Tens of thousands of hobbyists and professionals have turned out rugged, beautiful wooden kayaks with Nick Schade's classic guide, The Strip-Built Sea Kayak. Now Nick shows you how to strip-build dinghies, canoes, and other small boats as well as kayaks.

With hundreds of photos and detailed illustrations this book provides new techniques and ideas for building any kind of small wooden boat. These techniques are demonstrated by application to three very different boats:

Advanced techniques for building small boats using the strip-plank technique will help any boat builder who wishes to make their own small wooden boat of any design.

Beginning boat builders will find useful techniques to get them started with strip-planking and experienced builders should find techniques to make their work better or more efficient. Even craftsmen who have no intention of ever building a boat will learn methods for creating strong, free-form shapes by laminating narrow, thin, strips of wood and encapsulating them in weatherproof fibreglass and epoxy.

Inside Building Strip-Planked Boats you will find:

With 280 pages, hundreds of photos and illustrations and years of Nick's experience written down, boat builders of all levels of experience will benefit from the information in this book.