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Building a stitch and glue boat or kayak instructional DVD

Boatbuilding DVD

How to build a lightweight boat (not just a kayak).

  • £8.80DVD

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Canoecraft book - An Illustrated Guide to Fine Woodstrip Construction, by Ted Moores


Master canoe builder Ted Moores shares more than four decades of experience in this international bestselling reference book.

  • £18.95Canoecraft book

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How to build a lapstrake or clinker canoe book by David Nichols

Lapstrake Canoe Book

Everything that you need to know to build a light, strong, beautiful boat from scratch.

  • £17Book
  • £19DVD

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Detailed guide to building a sturdy, elegant strip-built sea kayak, by Nick Schade.

The Strip-Built Sea Kayak

All the information you need to build a sturdy, elegant strip-built sea kayak.

  • £14.99Book

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A guide to building strip-planked dinghies, canoes and other small boats, by Nick Schade.

Building Strip-Planked Boats

Boat designer Nick Schade shows you how to strip-build dinghies, canoes, and other small boats.

  • £14.99Book

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Detailed manual to making elegant, traditional Greenland kayak paddles, by Brian Nystrom.

Greenland Paddles Book

A step-by-step guide to making elegant Greenland kayak paddles.

  • £18.70Book

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Canoecraft book - Fine Woodstrip Kayak Construction, by Ted Moores


Ted Moores shares his experience of wood-strip kayak building in this comprehensive step-by-step guide.

  • £16.99Kayakcraft book

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Kayaks You Can Build, by Ted Moores and Greg Rössel

Kayaks You Can Build

An illustrated guide to plywood kayak construction techniques.

  • £24.95Kayaks You Can Build book

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Manufacturing Stoke documentary film about sustainable surfing

Manufacturing Stoke DVD

A documentary film exploring surfers' growing awareness of the environmental impact of their sport.

  • £15DVD

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Book on how to rig a small sailing boat in a traditional manner

The Working Guide to Traditional Small-Boat Sails

Make your modern sailing boat look (and work) like a salty classic.

  • £17Book

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Building the Sea Eagles book by David L. Nichols

Building the Sea Eagles

How to build a pair of safe and seaworthy beach and coastal cruisers.

  • £19Book

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