Carbon Fibre Sculling Oars

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Rowing unit and sculling oars discount
Big River rowing frame in the Mill Creek 16.5

Save £80 on a Big River rowing frame and a pair of sculling oars when you buy them with a Wherry, Tandem Wherry, Expedition Wherry, Chester Yawl, Noank Pulling Boat, Northeaster Dory or Mill Creek 16.5 kit. Buy two rowing frames and two pairs of sculling oars with the Tandem Wherry and save double.

Product Description

These lightweight sculling oars have carbon fibre shafts with a stiff feel for strong rowers. They have fibreglass blades in a choice of two shapes: hatchet (cleaver) or Macon. They come with sleeves and buttons.

The shafts of these sculling oars are made of 50% carbon fibre and 50% fibreglass. The weights are accurate to within 20 grams.

The oars have blue handles and collars, not green handles and black collars as seen in some of the photos.

Hatchet (cleaver) blades

The hatchet shaped blades have a sharp grip of the water at entry with the maximum load in the first third of the drive.

Macon blades