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Product Description

Screw-in inspection hatches for boat, canoe and kayak bulkheads. These keep the buoyancy tanks airtight and should be unscrewed to allow air circulation when the vessel is not in use. Failure to unscrew them can result in the tank exploding if left for a long time in a sunny position. Hatches also allow small items to be stored in dry conditions in the tank.

The hatches have rubber seals and come with stainless steel screws for installation.

These inspection hatches are available in black, white or clear plastic. The clear hatches have a transparent lid and an opaque white rim.

Hatch Installation

  1. Cut a hole of the required size in the bulkhead (see table below).
  2. Seal the wood by epoxy coating it on both the inside and outside, ensuring that the cut edge of the hole is well coated.
  3. Finish the bulkhead as required in paint or varnish.
  4. Leave the hatch cover screwed into the outer ring to prevent the ring deforming during installation.
  5. Coat the outer ring with sealant where it butts up to the bulkhead, to create a watertight seal when it is installed in the bulkhead.
  6. Place the hatch into position and fix it in place using self-tapping stainless steel screws.
  7. Check that the hatch can be opened and closed by unscrewing the cover.

When the boat is not in use, the hatches should be unscrewed to allow air circulation but they must be firmly screwed into place while the boat is in use.

Hatch size Required hole size
4″ 108 mm
5″ 140 mm
6″ 157 mm
8″ 215 mm