Wooden Belay Pins

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Product Description

These traditional wooden belaying pins are an aesthetic alternative to modern horn cleats. Found on traditional sailing ships, belay pins slot into pinrails at the foot of the mast and on the bulwarks. The two protruding ends are used to secure halyards in the same way as a horn cleat.

These belay pins will suit any small traditional sailing boat, such as the lug-rigged Northeaster Dory or the Skerry. They come as standard in sailing versions of the Southwester Dory. They are a nice traditional touch and are absolutely functional.

We supply these belay pins unfinished. You can use them as-is or you can finish them with a marine-grade tung oil or varnish.

The belay pins are approximately 8″ (203 mm) long overall, with a 4½″ (114 mm) pin and a 3½″ (89 mm) handle. The pin is ½″ (12.7 mm) in diameter. They can handle the highest loads you're likely to encounter in any small boat.