Greenland Wooden Kayak Paddle

This product is no longer available.

Product Description

A classic Greenland kayak paddle at a reasonable price. These hand-made Sawyer paddles are stunning and offer relaxed paddling with a low swing allowing for good energy saving throughout a day's paddling.

The native Greenland design has evolved over hundreds of years into a simple yet sophisticated tool. It lends to a traditional style of paddling that utilises the stronger muscles of the torso and allows the hands to grip any part of the paddle.

It is made of Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir wood with Northern White Ash edges and Kevlar-reinforced blade tips. It is 2.2 m (7′ 3″) long with a 38 × 32 mm (1½″ × 1¼″) oval shaft. The blades are 90 mm (3½″) wide.