Lahnakoski Wooden SUP Paddle




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Product Description

These lightweight wooden SUP paddles are laminated from aspen and alder wood and varnished.

The paddle shaft is oval so that you can feel the correct angle of the paddle blade and for comfortable grip. The blade is at a 14 degree angle, for a more efficient paddle stroke without scooping up water behind you. The blade tip is reinforced with a wooden wedge to reduce the risk of damage.

Because they are made from wood, these SUP paddles will float on the surface of the water if you fall in.

These wooden SUP paddles are made by Lahnakoski, a fourth-generation family business in Finland that specialises in wooden oars and paddles.

To find the right size SUP paddle for you, take your height and add 20-25 cm for paddling on flat water or 25-30 cm for racing. This measurement is only a guideline: you may prefer your paddle slightly longer or shorter.

Approximate sizes
Overall length Shaft diameter Blade dimensions Weight
2000 mm 31 × 29 mm 460 × 180 mm 0.880 kg
2100 mm 31 × 29 mm 460 × 180 mm 0.960 kg
2200 mm 31 × 29 mm 460 × 180 mm 1.000 kg