Canvas Spar Bag

Canvas spar bag - Navy Blue £275

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Product Description

This canvas spar bag is designed to store and protect your dinghy spars between outings. It is stitched from the same durable Weather Max fabric that our high-quality custom boat covers are made from and reinforced in high-stress areas. The opening is secured with a quick-release buckle on nylon webbing.

The bag will fit spars up to fifteen feet long (4.57 m). This makes it suitable for the Eastport Pram, Skerry, Northeaster Dory or Passagemaker Dinghy, but it isn't long enough for the Jimmy Skiff sailing rig or the spars for the kayak sailing outriggers. If your boat isn't listed and you don't know the spar length because you haven't built it yet, please get in touch and we will check for you.

The spar bag also has a pair of long pockets on the outside that will hold a pair of oars up to eight feet long (2.43 m).