Super Suck Dinghy Bailer

Super Suck bailer – internally mounted £128.99

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Product Description

The Supersuck bailer is a revolutionary self-bailer design for sailing dinghies that works even at low speeds. Using the Venturi effect, it creates a reduced-pressure stream of water through the external tube, which literally sucks the water from the boat even at low speeds.

Few dinghies can sail fast enough to windward for a conventional wedge-type self-bailer to work effectively, especially when weighed down by shipping a lot of water. In rough weather, it can take a particularly long time to gain enough speed for the bailer to operate. Compared to conventional bailers, the Supersuck bailer has a significantly lower minimum operating speed, meaning a higher pumping capacity and less drag. This results in a drier, lighter and faster boat that accelerates more quickly.

As well as giving an advantage to racing boats, these bailers are very effective for leisure boats that aren't designed to sail at racing speeds.

Made in England by Sea Sure, the bailer is robustly constructed from 316 stainless steel and high-grade plastics for a long and trouble-free life.

Two versions of the Super Suck bailer are made. This is the internally-mounted version, recommended for composite and plywood hulls from 5 to 8 mm thick. An externally-mounted version is available for hull sections greater than 8 mm.

Installation requires an aperture of 40 × 85 mm.

Installation instructions can be found in the included data sheet.