Footbrace stud mounting kit

Footbrace stud mounting kit £32

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Product Description

While the simplest way to install kayak footbraces is to just bolt through the sides of the hull, many people prefer to avoid visible bolt-heads on the outside of the hull. The studs in this kit will be strongly attached to the inside of the hull without bolting through it. The footbraces can then be mounted on the studs using the included nuts and washers.

The kit includes:

A small amount of epoxy resin will be needed to install the studs – this is not included but if you have built your boat from one of our kits you should have enough epoxy left over.

Please note that you may need to shorten the footbrace mounting studs to fit your footbraces. Height-adjusters will be needed for the Smart Track rudder control footbraces.

Most footbraces are designed for through-bolt mounting and will require some alteration to be used with stud mounts. This often includes drilling larger holes in the footbraces where the existing ones are threaded.

The studs are 25 mm (1″) long. Please note that these are slightly too short to work with the SeaLect footbraces, but they are long enough for the other footbraces we stock.