Cork Deck Pad for Surfboards

This product is no longer available.

Product Description

Eco-friendly surfboard deck tail pad made from cork.

Most deck pads are made out of non environmentally friendly EVA plastic (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate).

After trying several alternatives, Wave Tribe made and tested a cork–EVA composite and were very pleased with the results – and you will be too.

Cork trees are not harmed in the production of cork. A cork tree can be harvested twelve times in its lifetime.

But what is also important is that these pads work – and they work great. The edges are soft, but not too soft, so your knees don't get all ripped up. However, the pad is hard enough to make your turns and airs the best they can be.

When compressed, cork returns to it's original size – great for stomp pads.

The other cool thing about cork is that excess water stays off your pad and thus your tail stays lighter, offering more performance ease and speed for your sick turns.