Wooden Tool Box Kit

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Product Description

This plywood toolbox kit is the boatbuilder's interpretation of the classic tab-and-slot toolbox favoured by woodworkers for its flexibility and ease of assembly. The finished box is rigid and durable and has five removable centre dividers to fit your tools.

As well as keeping your boatbuilding tools organised, this tool box kit is a good introduction to plywood kit construction. All the parts are accurately pre-cut and jointed, ready for you to slot together. You can read the construction manual here.

The kit is made from the same premium marine plywood we use for our boat kits. The pre-cut parts fit together simply with mortise-and-tenon joints and lock in place with two ‘keys’ that fit through the ends of the handle.

You'll need a small amount of glue to laminate the handle. Wood glue, CA glue or epoxy are suitable.

For extra durability, you could coat your toolbox with epoxy and varnish, or you can just tab the parts together and call it a day. You could also experiment with coloured stain or paint.

The finished toolbox measures 635 mm (25″) by 254 mm (10″) and is approximately 230 mm (9″) tall.