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Product Description

The ClassGlobe 5.80 is a mini class yacht designed for fast, efficient trans-ocean voyages. Plans and kits are launching in 2020 and the first ClassGlobe 5.80 Transat Race is scheduled for November 2021.

Conceived by Don McIntyre and designed by Janusz Maderski, who specialises in small ocean-going yachts, the ClassGlobe 5.80 opens a new chapter in adventurous, affordable ocean racing. Sailors in 18 countries are now preparing to build the Globe 5.80 from CNC-cut kits or raw materials.

There is nothing in the world like the ClassGlobe 5.80! Ocean and Offshore capable? full of adventure and challenge to race for a few hours, days or weeks? solo or with friends? that you can build yourself with simple tools and no previous experience, or have built for you to set sail around the bay or over the horizon. Take it home on a trailer or container ship to another country. The 5.80 Family is waiting to welcome you.

Don McIntyre

Capable of fast, efficient solo (or two-handed) trans-ocean voyages, average speeds over 100 miles a day are expected.

The McIntyre ClassGlobe 5.80 can legally be towed on its own road trailer with the keel attached, or it can be transported in a standard 20 ft shipping container with the keel, rudder and spars removed. It can sail from anywhere and transport to or from any country with ease.

To get started building your ClassGlobe 5.80, you'll first need to purchase your individually-numbered set of plans from the ClassGlobe 5.80 Association. Full construction plans cost €300 EUR, including initial Class Registration and are valid for building one boat only. Once you have your plans, you can purchase your pre-cut kit from us and begin building your own ClassGlobe 5.80 mini yacht.

The main hull structure can be built by one or two people with little experience and basic tools in 550 hours, or a few months. The Globe 5.80 has a strong plywood construction that is well-suited to amateur construction. It is simple and inexpensive and the boat should be very solid and safe.

Kit options

The plywood parts kit includes all the CNC-cut plywood parts for the boat, totalling 25 sheets of 9mm Okoume marine plywood. We can also supply the plywood parts in 9mm Sapele marine plywood, which is heavier but stronger, requiring less fibreglass reinforcement.

The CNC kit includes the plywood parts as above, plus the CNC-cut solid wood parts from 12 planks of solid timber (Douglas Fir). This does not include all the stringers and framing.

The materials for the jig are not included.

This is a new boat and additional options may be added at a later date. We can also supply the raw materials, if you prefer to build from the plans alone.

This kit weighs a lot and requires a specialised courier. The price of delivery will vary with your address. You are, of course, very welcome to collect the kit from our Lake District workshop.

Hull stringers pack

The hull stringers pack consists of the machined Douglas fir stringers for the hull: 2 each for the Sheer, Mid-Sheer, Chine, mid-Bilge and Bottom. They all come with pre-cut scarf joints to allow easy joining.