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The Fyne Four is a light weight clinker style boat that is a nimble performer especially in light airs and is a classic Swallows and Amazons type boat.

The boat is stable and designed to be sailed upright rather than heeled over. The standard sail plan incorporates a high boom for crew safety. Like all of the boats in this range, the Fyne Four has watertight chambers to provide buoyancy. It is not necessary to clutter the cockpit with annoying buoyancy bags. Longitudinal seats are provided for the crew.

Unfortunately it was quite windy on the first sail and, as you will see, the trim isn't set very well, it does need 2 main halyards, but with winds gusting to 26 knots, its bloody lively and fast.

Jeff F.

This is a clinker-style boat adapted from the Stornoway 12 design by Selway Fisher.

The hull is made from 6 mm Okoume plywood, sheathed with glass fabric for those hard beach landings – the rudder kicks up easily for landings. The interior includes 9 mm Okoume frames and sealed air tanks at the bow and along the sides for buoyancy.

There is a build log on our forum showing a Fyne Four being built from a kit.

Although primarily designed as a sailing boat this hull also rows well. Most of the pictures show the rig that we think looks best but it is possible to fit other rigs.

I am extremely pleased with the design and execution of the project and will enjoy sailing her for many years to come.

Ian H, Norfolk

The hull kit includes:

The kit does not include the following but we can supply them if required:

Study manual

This is intended for pre-build study or to help with the decision to purchase. Reading this manual will help you decide whether or not you can build the boat. It is the manual that accompanies the kits. It describes all of the techniques that will be used during the building and also a step by step guide to construction. Scale drawings are used throughout as well as photographs of critical jobs.

If, later, you decide to purchase the kit the cost of this printed manual will be deducted from the kit price.

This manual does not contain the plans of the panels with the cutting instructions so it is not possible to build the boat from scratch using only this manual.

PDF study manual

An electronic version of the 60 page study manual in PDF format that can be viewed using Adobe Reader. After credit card authorisation the file will be sent to the email address put on the order form. Please note that this file cannot be printed.