National 12

This product is no longer available.

Product Description

This innovative National 12, designed by Colin Cumming, is a modern design which promises to be fast.

I was delighted with her performance.

Setting of downwind and placing her on the plane she didn't drop her nose, or particularly raise it, sort of elevated herself throughout her waterline length amazing. The hull buoyancy forward is just right and the self-draining is excellent.

To windward she proved responsive and easy to control. The hull is quite powerful and forgiving. And yes the windward performance is scintillating.

She is very forgiving and does all the right things (including not capsizing when the helm takes an excursion overboard).

Colin Cumming, designer.

The Sweet Chariot National 12 design is primarily designed for inland ‘round the cans’ club racing, the semi-circular centre-section providing good roll-tacking characteristics and a low wetted area for light air performance.

The unusual chine configuration imparts buoyancy and power aft and then loses itself into the sheerline thereby contributing to the fine entry forward. The craft has a tallish stem, the bottom of which is designed to be below the waterline to aid windward performance. There is a fairly generous longitudinal rocker which lifts the bow when the crew weight is aft during fast downwind sailing.

Sweet Chariot is a performance 12 that can be built from the kit of precision cut plywood parts using hand tools in about 120-140 hours. Fyne Boat Kits developed an innovative patented construction approach to a design by Colin Cumming utilising FSC okoume marine plywood and solvent free epoxy to create a strong lightweight durable ecologically sound aesthetic craft.

Construction involves a central ‘T-beam’ spine incorporating the centre-board case which also supports the self-draining double floor as well as providing a flat planing surface throughout the length of the hull. To this spine a ‘single plank per side’ is attached and the thoroughbred shape created simply by seaming the two contra-curving overlapping darts.

There are more photographs of the National 12 prototype being built on our forum.

The National 12 is a development class so hulls and rigs can be changed or modified within the class rules. All National 12 boats which are raced have to be measured to ensure that they conform to the regulations.

The hull kit includes:

Also needed (not included) are:

What else do I need?

Sapele Deck Option

A beautifully figured Sapele deck enhances the beauty of the boat but also adds a few kilos weight.